Strategic Planning and Systems Upgrade


Hawaii Centers for Independent Living (HCIL) was the designated organization in the State of Hawaii to assist people with disabilities in accessing services, products, and organizations to foster maximum independence. HCIL desired to form a strategic vision for the future of the organization, as well as tactical updates to various processes and systems.


Working directly with HCIL CEO, MataiNet investigated strategies for innovative use of technologies that could improve the organization’s services and expand their impact. For example, we looked at evolving Internet and mobile technologies that could potentially improve access to services, such as telemonitoring, virtual care, and care transitions coaching. Delivered strategic plan, upgraded HCIL’s network, and helped evaluate a number of visionary projects.

Outcomes and Innovations

  • The initial deliverable was the HCIL Information Technology Strategic Plan, including ideation of numerous innovative solutions
  • Led an organization-wide upgrade of computers and networks to increase bandwidth availability and ensure privacy of information
  • Prior to adoption of other proposed solutions, the agency was absorbed into another State agency

Example Artifacts


In this engagement, in partnership with HCIL CEO we explored and evaluated potential innovations that could broaden the organization’s stature and influence, potentially including attracting private capital sources. We accompanied the CEO on multiple trips to other Hawaii counties and CONUS. Grant proposals and strategic collaboration/partnership agreements were generated on behalf of HCIL, prior to their merge into another State disability services group.


  • MS Office Suite