MataiNet Projects

The following is an overview of some of our most exciting projects. Please contact us to learn more or inquire about how we can help your project be a success.

Innovative Home Care Solution

43 million U.S. adults provide an average of 20 hours a week and spend $5,000 to $12,000 annually on caregiving activities for a family member or friend. Until now, it has been impossible to fully trust someone that we would like to hire to help us perform at-home services. MataiNet has developed an exciting new solution "TaskAssure" that allows the caregiver to ensure that the person they hired is actually the person that goes to the home, and monitor them during the task on behalf of the caregiver. Using Internet and smart phone technologies, TaskAssure's (soon to be patented) process will be available soon! Contact us to learn more and see this concept in action.

South Carolina Aging and Disability Resource Center

Working with South Carolina Lt. Governor's Office on Aging (LGOA), and Appalachian Council of Government's Area Agency on Aging, MataiNet created the Appalachian Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). This ADRC offers tremendous resources for people with aging and disability related interests in the region. The website is designed according to best practices for usability by seniors, and offers a high degree of accessibility features for people with disabilities. Once again, MataiNet proves that accessibility is achievable even for websites built on free "open source" content management systems! The Appalachian ADRC is built on DotNetNuke and serves as a template for the other SC AAAs that we hope to see deployed in the future.

Hawaii Centers for Independent Living (HCIL) Modernization

MataiNet and HCIL are collaborating to build new capabilities that will benefit older adults and people with disabilities, and the caregivers that support them. Some of the exciting components we are exploring include:

  • Use of video conferencing to provide cost-effective coaching, monitoring, and support
  • Collecting data from simple sensors for vital physical measurements such as weight, glucose, and respiration
  • Automation of field staff with smartphones and "pads" to improve efficiency, quality and accountability
  • Social networking to facilitate exhange of information and services for long term care support
  • Online video with closed captions and transcriptions to leverage the power of the human story

MataiNet hopes to pilot our iCarePAD™ as part of the HCIL modernization program to demonstrate the potential value of simple, ubiquitous information access for those in need of coaching, monitoring and tracking. With the current economic climate and growing population of older adults and disabilities, the timing seems perfect for this venture! 

Person-Centered Hospital Discharge Planning

In our continuing evolution developing innovations for humanity, MataiNet has recently been designated as Engineered Care's first National Implementation Partner. Together, we will market and deploy the nationally recognized Project Re-Engineered Discharge (RED) tools that have been proven in randomized controlled trial to reduce readmissions by more than 30% and reduce costs by more than 33%. At the root of these tools is the After Hospital Care Plan, which presents a template for understandable dischare plans. A virtual discharge advocate is able to walk a patient through the major elements of their discharge plan at the patient's leisure. Information collected through interaction between the patient and virtual discharge advocate can be reviewed by nursing to address areas of further information need. When coupled with enhanced discharge planning processes such as the care transitions intervention demonstrated by Dr. Eric Coleman, University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.

In addition to our partnering with Engineered Care, MataiNet is playing a significant role in the enhancement of the hospital discharge planning process in South Carolina. This is a CMS funded grant initiative in collaboration with the Lt. Governor's Office on Aging, the Appalachia Area Agency on Aging, Spartanburg Regional Hospital System, SC DHHS, and many community service providers. In the initial few months of the project MataiNet built an online collaboration portal for the team to facilitate the collection, sharing and refinement of concepts toward our goal of building an ideal person-centered discharge planning process. We are currently finalizing design of our study and selection of key interventions such as use of personal health records, enhanced assessment/planning, and expanded care transitions educational content.

Online Aging and Disability Resource Center

MataiNet consultants have a long history developing solutions to help agencies and providers to serve their constituents and patients more efficiently. One of our latest projects is the creation of a set of portals for the Hawaii Executive Office on Aging and the four counties of Oahu, Maui, Kaua'i and Hawai'i. We are excited to provide for them the first ADRC solution based on open-source and social media technologies. The agencies will maintain much of the content on their own with easy-to-use content management features. The Hawaii ADRC websites were launched recently. They are compliant with national standards, and designed for usability for older adults and people with disabilities. UPDATE Spring 2011: Unfortunately, MataiNet's Hawaii ADRC platform was substituted for another, less accessible and more costly system. Alas, some times we cannot prevail against bureaucratic decision-making.