MataiNet AccessRx Seminar

Can Everyone Use Your Website?
A primer on "Cyber Accessibility"

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The number of people with disabilities can be surprising. For example, seventy million Americans now have a vision impairment. Roughly one out of five! And this is increasing due to the aging population.

Without realizing it your organization may be...

Preventing customers from learning about or buying your products!
Losing money through inefficient telephone or paper processes!
At risk for complaints or lawsuits for discrimination!

Attend this seminar to learn the latest about accessibility of websites, purchasing systems, and mobile phone apps.

What will you learn and why should you care?

Due to inadequate design, less than ten percent of all Internet systems and mobile phone apps can be used by people with disabilities!
Increase your awareness about Cyber Accessibility and open your doors.

  • Discover the benefits to ensuring your systems offer equal access to seniors and people with disabilities.
  • Experience the difference between good and bad websites for accessibility.
  • Learn the latest about related standards, legal developments, best practices and techniques.

Your organization is probably open to complaints or worse due to barriers to equal access. Here’s why you should learn how to ensure your team or vendors create an accessible online experience:

  • Satisfy customers and recruits. (More than 70 Million U.S. people with disabilities.)
  • Lower costs for marketing and transacting business. (The Internet is the most efficient approach.)
  • Reduce legal liabilities. (Courts are broadening interpretation of ADA.)

Who Should Attend?

Managers from HR, Legal, Contracts, IS/IT, and any department head who owns a website for clients, potential employees, and business partners. (Also of course website developers and content authors should attend to receive up to date information on best practices.)

Cyber Accessibility? Sounds complicated...

Has your technical staff declared that your website is “accessible”?

Are you confident in their knowledge to make this evaluation?
Has accessibility been verified with testing by people with disabilities?
Has your company taken sufficient steps to defend a potential ADA lawsuit?

MataiNet offers a free assessment of twelve critical access features for any website.
Gain insight as to how well your website provides equal access.
Our simple Access Grade from "A" to "F" will put things in perspective.

Visit to learn more and order a free evaluation of your website. Our goal is to raise awareness and create change for the better.

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